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As customers’ expectations continue to grow, companies need to provide ‘always on’ conversational AI customer service solutions that scale as their businesses evolve.

Ambit’s sophisticated conversational AI platform combined with AWS’ reliable and scalable hosting infrastructure and tooling provides a partnership experience for customers that is:

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Cost effective to scale up and down with any amount of usage
  • Extremely flexible: data from any source can be integrated into customer conversations
  • Best in class: secure, high performing, resilient technology that is built to last
  • Customer obsessed: real-time insights into customer behaviour and needs improve customer experience


Ambit provides this experience because of the sophisticated, yet flexible, Natural Language Processing engine combined with a user-friendly conversation set-up experience that is backed up and supported by AWS’ cloud infrastructure.

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How Ambit & AWS work together

Ambit is an Amazon AWS technology partner and is verified by Amazon Web Services as a high-quality, secure and reliable conversational automation software-as-a-service (SAAS).

With thousands of queries an hour, Ambit cater's for increases in conversation data loads through the flexibility of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances that scale affordably. Various forms of content, from images to video and text based conversation content, is distributed using AWS CloudFront to optimise delivery.

Run across multiple AWS Regions, customers leverage both the fail-safe reliability of the AWS Cloudfront architecture hosted across regions, and the secure option of ensuring data sovereignty within regions. With Ambit on AWS, customers can trust their digital employee to be available to serve customers anytime of the day or night, anywhere in the world.

Ambit's intelligent conversational AI platform is used by leading global companies in travel, retail, financial services, and utilities industries. Customers leverage the Ambit AWS partnership to ensure unsurpassed performance of their digital employees' conversation content around the globe.

Ambit Solutions & AWS

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Ambit delivers the benefits of a sophisticated, highly scalable conversational AI solution.

Ambit Edge

Ambit delivers the benefits of an easy-to-use,
enterprise-grade digital employee.
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Ambit on AWS Use Cases

Ambit on AWS
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Learn how the Retail industry drives online sales and enhances their digital customer experience.

Ambit on AWS
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Learn how the Financial Services industry delivers scalable and compliant automated customer service.

Ambit on AWS
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Learn how to Utilities & Power industry controls costs and automatically handles seasonal call surges beautifully.

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